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about the user:

sad not rad tired of everything and hates themself

instagram: mama.bambi


My friend convinced me to go to my moms wedding bc she said she would go with me;
my mom is super old and keeps referring to my female friends as my girlfriends and i get v uncomfortable
A metal tongue lashing and
clashing against clenched teeth
you are rebellious to a point
7:42 pm
oh man i just suggested or submitted or something someone elses piece of writing on accident to a group and im not sure how the whole thing works and im afraid the author is gonna get mad at me or something fuck fuck fuck
    I am not suicidal I am not depressed
I am not thinking of ending my life though it is my own to do as I wish
I only just


about the effect of my leaving would be

I do not have a plan
I ONLY have an unfortunate imagination
for a morbid cause

I have no reason to want to die!
You have no reason to 
    doubt me

I am not even WANTED so why waste time

I am only curious of what you will do when I am gone
in case any of you care i've had a lot of shit going on in my life

- negative shit -

~ I got hospitalized
~ My mom thinks I'm a faggot (I'm ace)
~ I hate myself like a lot
~ I have literally one irl friend I'm not even kidding
~ I hate myself and my art!
~ One of my friends might be dead and I have no idea
~ I p much lost another friend that I was infatuated with
~ ^^^^^^ I stopped following her on some social media accounts, since she stopped talking to me altogether
~ My depression and anxiety meds have recently stopped working and I p much have no emotions altogether
~ a lot more shit i really dont want to talk about

- Postive! -

~ My mom finally let me dye my hair
~ I got a chinchilla!
~ ehh kinda half and half my mom has a bf
~ at least he gets me shit he actually bought the chinchilla (her name is Scooter btw)
~ He gave me a TV!
~ I've surprisingly got better at art even though I absolutely HATE it all
~ I didn't fail my finals!
~ I've gotten to go to two conventions! (Well more like one bc the first one was just me following my mom and some of her friends kids around in a big dress and I felt super unconfident)
~ I got a a lot of plants!
~ I've realized that skirts are super cool
~ ^^^^^ I mainly wear skirts bc I'm too lazy to put on pants
~ I'm gonna try and learn how to play the violin again! (It's been three years since I last played, I have to figure out how to tune it though)
~ I got a new laptop (thats why I haven't been online in FOREVER)

i cant think of anything else atm so ye
probably wont be posting art or writing often anyways lol

Also! If you want, you can follow me on instagram and Tumblr! (mama.bambi on insta, slendiebeast on tumblr)

y eah


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