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FlameGirl2 by nitromee
Now u see here this is a great example of my art IF this new printer/scanner i just got would actually register dark colours
im almost fourteen years old
i want to be a scientist when i grow up
i like drawing and writing
reading is my favourite past time
my favourite colour is purple

i tend to repeat things over and over again
over and 
but it isnt my fault
i always had the same things repeated to me
through my life
often demeaning my gender
because i was thought to be weak
though my supposed only purpose is one of the hardest
i keep wondering if i was a boy i would really make a difference
but because im a girl, im told i cant
im just silly

to be honest i am not the most athletic of girls
i prefer to sit instead of run
for my back tends to hurt all the time
i am often told that i am lazy because of this
even though i cant play the same sports as boys
even though i dont often play the same rough games
i do like to join in on a nice day
but i do not know the rules, since i was never taught
and i can never really be part of the team, because im just a little different in anatomy
im just not the same
so i cant do the same things says those who are said to be wiser with their ages
but i do think if i was given the same opprotunities
and the same forceful push to strive in the things society just keeps over and over saying that
can only do this
not women

i am often told that i am pretty
too often for my liking
i took more pride in my work than my looks
so i cut my hair and waited for praise on things that i believed
deserved praise
but it never came
my brother, however..
however, he was always told that he would be great one day
he's so smart
he's so kind
he's going to be whomever he wants to be
i however, was asked why i would cut my hair
girls arent supposed to have short hair, i am told
my brother is still better

my mom doesnt trust me because i dont like some things
but i like other things
i do like dresses and pretty things
but i adore dark colours of night 
instead of bright colours of day
i love animals and reptiles both the same
but i am just judged harshly for some
not the others

we are all created to be equal
but by treating those that are different in another way
those ones cannot or will not be considered equal
are women just entitled to these things?
or do they just not deserve them?

im always told
girls are pink
and boys are blue
i prefer the colour purple
i should be asleep
but this was keeping me awake
i make myself sick sometimes
because im always aware that i can do so much more than this
but i decide to sit around and decay
i think if i had more influence, maybe i would do more?
maybe be a better person to everyone

the maybe is what gets me, though
it means i don't really want to do it
because it means getting up and really working

even now im procrastinating on something that can effect my entire life
but instead im writing this

but maybe ill finish it later
forgive me
to be honest i don't know what i was expecting from life
i mean there's no one who really wants me here
i have a lot of people who i call friends
but in the end they won't care

they all just don't care

personally, i couldn't care more about anything
or anyone
rhymes and lies are the same now really
i just want to be really loved, the way i love others

all my mind thinks about are words that are said
and nothing that people think's important
i can't remember if i've truly smiled lately

why create life to be complicated if it will never enjoy it
its all in my head but im better off dead


Ayyy lmfao nope
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Okay I try to respond to every comment but like sometimes I get so many 'thank you for the fav[s]' and such I just sometimes delete everything out of my inbox.
So, sorry if I don't respond to you or anything.
Hello loves~
Ah, uh. I'm a lovesick writer, and a rather shitty artist. Eheh.

I do llama for llama, and if you watch me I'm probably gonna sit for a few minutes and blush because someone out there in the world thinks I'm actually worthy of a watch omg.

I don't thank people for faves because I watch a lot of people and honestly I don't have too much time with school and homework and trying to not be crap at art.
I have a Tumblr blog,
uh ask Slendie things and submit pictures of food.
I love music and my bunnies and reading, though I never get the chance to read anymore which is bullshit.
im gonna start deleting a lot of the stuff i've posted because right now, looking through all the art made by such amazing artists


it's making me feel like shit

tbh a lot of the time i think it's the supplies i have that make it harder for me to draw what i want, the way i want

anyways it's not like it matters bc people really only watch me for my writing which i feel is just as bad as my artwork


i really am trying to draw the way i want but people aren't really helping bc their only advice it "keep trying you'll get better"

not really
i've been at this god damn crappy level for years
i can't even draw a correctly proportioned face

all im really doing now is lay around, watch tv, eat, and just be angry and depressed

and i feel even worse because i think kath doesnt like me anymore
as in im too weird and uninteresting, and not interested in the same things anymore
we became friends because of roleplays, for fucks sake
i havent role played in a long time
and i really think that if i start up again ill get kinda god modish or ill get annoying
or i wont be in character and such

i feel sick ugh ugh 

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Just in case you didn't solve the crossword clue introducing the Hawaiian Goose it's also the Nene (pronounced Nay-nay for the bird and rhyming with either 'hen' or 'seen' depending where you live for the river part of the clue) 
Thanks for faving the goose  - really appreciated Nitromee!              :ArizonaSunFlower: 
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